About Us

Philosophy of our dentist’s surgery stand on moralities that with our work we can serve fully  in the interest of our patients. In these days the dentistry is the most dynamically advenced  sector  of the hygiene.  Therefore assorting from broaden tools and materials supply, that it will be affordable and suitable for our patents, is quite a challenge. In addition the most important, that we can solve „in one hand”  all problems  of our patients  with their  tooth and surroundigs in the mouth.  In the course of years we have trained towards several specialities and we have taken on various postgraduate courses permanently. Our expertise and experience enable to make differents specialities for example aesthetic dentistry, implantology, paradontology, ortodoncy in high toned.

On the whole field of asthetic dentistry  we are using up-to-date technologies, either  tooth colour restauration, or  crowns, bridges with materials without metal, or tooth withening as well.

Our expertises on the field of implantology raises  our dentist’s surgery among the most up to par clinics of implantology in Hungary.  Within the confines of MIS (mis-implants.com) consultativ programme we can help to train for dentists, who are interested in implantology.

We make whatever type of tooth replacemet from the beginning (for example: bone augmentation) until aftercare. We are cooperation another dental’sugeries and after implantation or serious tooth extraction we send back our patients to the own dentist to make briges.

Harmonious face, beauty  smile, chewing capability and healthy teeth are significant determining factor  in the community’s relations and social communications in the XXI. century. 

As a result of  improving  our dentist’s surgery and our knowlege  in the last years  is at serviced that high quality dental clinic, where our patients can find solution their all dental questions. Their treatment  is one hand – in the hand of married couple of Kurucz.

High standards workflow is required to improve our knowlege permanently  with aquireing special exams, regular participation of vocational trainings and congresses. We keep tabs on international scientific literature, in order to get avaible for our patients the most up-to-date treatment protocols.

In our dentist’s surgery we use high quality, up-tu-date materials, equipments and technologies to decrease the time of treatment.

In the course of choosing our staff we keep high tone for morality  beseide  the professional knowlege.

During our work we aim to work up long time, true-hearted doctor-patient realtionship.  Therefore we take   important informing our patients full comprehensively and  regular checking examinationts. Treatments go on standing of aligned work of doctors to take highlight the most important aspect the interest of patient. Our objective to earn and honour the confidence of patient,to  treat without pain, to reconstruct aesthetic and function and prevention.  The main option to care of good working and aesthetic teeth is reached  the perfect clear of mouth.  Therefore we give all possible assistance to learn perfect mouth cleaning technics. Treatmets are performed in case of necessity or on-demand in general anesthesy or sedation.  The questions of frontier of dental surgery or maxillo-facial surgery and allergic complains deal otolarygologist and dermatologist, and allergologist, who are connected with us. We would like to decrease the waiting time with previous appointment.  Our office is in IV distric of Bp. In 80 qm are air conditioned comfortable waiting romm, two dentist’s surgery  and one oral’s surgery rooms with properly equipments.In the interest of your comfortable receptions and  assistants help our work.

Your guarantie is our long time clinical experience, our continuing educations, our high quality materials, equipemets, our comfortable, familiar  dentist’s surgery, and last but not least our faith:


urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called,  

with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love (Eph 4,1-2)


Free consultation,detailed treatment plan, status assessment, examination and analysis, annual control examination
Full hygienic treatment (scale, polish,airsainding)
Professional plasma teeth-whitening in office or home whitening package
Tooth jewel placement
Complex treatment of periodontal diseasses
Complex prevention of caries
Aesthetic orthodontic treatment with soft forces (Damon or another systems)
Aesthetic tooth replacemets, porelain veneers, crowns, bridges without metal, inlays with varius materials
Aesthetic light curing, tooth coloured restaurations, fillings
Up-to-date endodontic therapy
Maxillo-facial surgery, implantology  (NobelBiocareMIS)
Bone augmentations
Soft tissue corrections
Complex orthodontic and aesthetic surgeries
Dental care trainings, consultancy, fully comprehensive dental explanation