Our Doctors

Dr. Marton Edit

Fogszabályozás, fogpótlástan és konzerváló fogászat szakorvosa

After few years clinical practise, since 1992, I have worked in the own dentist’s surgery.  The long time own experience and  the shifting of paradigm in the orthodontics  made it clear, that dentistry is more than to make fillings and to reconstruct relative good chewing.  It is a great challenge to give answer the standard of consumer society, which are principally aesthetic expectationts and together with to take consider basic biological aspects and to aim to reconstruct  chewing function  adequatly. Today, during planning of tooth replacement, so in adulthood plays a great part an orthodontics treatment and smile designe.  The simple message,which was professed by old dentists,  that „an every tooth hang on a man”, should have to adopt in secular world today.  With this end in view we have to treat great humility and creativity.

Dr. Kurucz József

Szájsebészet, parodontológia , fogpótlástan és konzerváló fogászat, valamint a radiológia szakorvosa

After medical university and special exam of radilogy I have worked as a dentist and maxillo- facial. surgeon since 1995. Conceptions of teeth conservation or removing and replacemet was changed radically  by development of implantology. Toward long time aesthetically and functionally treatment we have to plan seriously with implantation by design of tooth replacements. This shifting of paradigm gave me possibility to work main time on this field. My previous experience in the radiology (especially computer tomography) gives me assistance in the activity of the maxillo-facial surgery, paradontal surgery, bone augmentation and implantology. I have worked for long years of medical practice and have learned to help or treat the whole man.